Darlings, it’s that time of year again.  I’m pulling out my party dresses and getting ready for some gracious fast-talking and fundraising at this season’s galas and benefit auctions!

But first– first comes out the dress pants and funky shoes for my consultation meetings prior to the actual auction.

What’s that?  There’s more to the auction and gala than what you see the night-of?  Oh, yes, my darlings.  Much more.  Obviously a lot of planning goes into putting the gala or benefit on.  There are all of the logistics you might expect– it’s like planning any large party.  Except– EXCEPT– it’s a fundraiser.  Usually the biggest fundraiser of the year for the organizations.  And that takes preparation and planning.

And that’s where I come in.  We discuss every aspect of the evening, right down to the minute-by-minute timeline of the evening.  It might look like everything is happening spontaneously (and there IS a lot of spontaneous fun and laughter that happens), but believe me when I tell you that I know and have planned for everything that’s happening in that room.  We’re all there for the mission.  We are all invested in that mission.  And I want every single person in that room to understand that they are a vital part of the organization’s mission and as such, they have a very important role to play that night.

I’m so excited!!